Credits and thanks


Generally, artwork on this site is from various games of mine, used with permission of the publishers.

Specifically, the header image is Spirit Island concept art for Lightning’s Swift Strike, created by Rocky Hammer.


Several game descriptions come from, but I’m fairly certain I wrote all of those descriptions in the first place.


Many thanks to..

  • …my parents and sister, for being playful with me while I was growing up, and cheering me on the whole way.
  • …my wife, for her amazing love and support, both during the early unpublished years and the later nose-to-the-grindstone times.
  • …my kids, for being so wonderfully themselves, and a joyous part of my life.
  • …all of the awesome people I’ve met through playing and designing games. I’ve met so many fantastic folks1.
  • …everyone who’s playtested my games, even just once at a convention – though those of y’all who really put them through their paces are in a league all your own.
  • …everyone who’s bought and enjoyed any of my games. My life is immeasurably richer and happier because I get to share the things I make with people who enjoy them. Thank you.

1 = This sounds enough like a Friedemann Friese game that I had to go check and see if it was one.