Getting in touch

Ways to get in touch with me online, in order of preference:

BoardGameGeek: R. Eric Reuss – the best way to drop me a quick note that doesn’t require much of a reply, assuming you have an account there.

Email: If you expect we’ll be emailing back and forth about something, or don’t have a BGG account, contact me here. (Replies may come from a different domain.)

Twitter: @REricReuss – I’ll notice DMs or mentions here, but it might take a few days. I’ll be delighted if you follow me, but I may not follow back if I don’t know you in person.

Reddit: EricReuss – Not a great way to get in touch – it can take me months to notice DMs on Reddit.

Facebook: Eric Reuss – Facebook is basically terrible; the only reason I use them is because everyone else is there, and it’s the only contact-point I have with a number of old friends. I’ll probably notice messages or mentions at some point, but try not to support them?

I do exist at other places on the internet, but they either aren’t associated with my professional life, or aren’t great places to get in touch with me for one reason or another.