Dahan Thoughts

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve reached out about offering thoughts/opinions on a Dahan-centric expansion. Thank you!!

Ways to Provide Your Thoughts

Forum: I’ve been collecting thoughts and posting quarterly-ish status updates on a private forum. (If I haven’t already sent you an invite to it, ping me and I’ll happily do so – the invite will come from “Lightning Forums”). The forums were most active in late 2020 / early 2021, but may still be useful in that you can see what other folks have suggested. There’s a subscription feature where you can sign up to be notified when I post a status update; see this post for more details.
On the forum, this reference thread points to the most pressing questions (and lists my status updates).
Email: If you’d rather not deal with the forum, I’m also happy to take your thoughts over email. Unless you tell me otherwise I will probably record those thoughts as a comment on the forum, just so I can better keep track of it (ie, not lose it in my email). Let me know if you’d rather I don’t, or if you’re OK with it but would rather I not mention your name.
?Discord?: I’ve been thinking about setting up a Discord for occasional (once every few months) realtime interaction – this could include folks providing thoughts, as well as me answering questions / giving status updates on the expansion. They’d have to be at different times of day, given the global nature of folks who might be interested. If I do this, I’ll send out an email to see who might be interested.

Compensation for Your Time

I have a whole thread on compensation on the forums; the overview version is:
What I’m doing now – this community outreach – is not intended as a replacement for hiring professional cultural consultants! I’ll be doing that as well, but later in the process.

Anyone providing their thoughts who would like to be credited in the rulebook can be. (I’ll be asking whether folks want to be credited as late in the process as possible, since I realize what the final product ends up like can have a huge impact on whether people want their name associated with it.)

I’m happy to offer monetary compensation on the following scale – you can self-determine where on it you fall (between levels is AOK) / how much I owe you:

  • For a post or two, or equivalent email (maybe 20-60 minutes of involvement?) offering thoughts / answering questions: $20.
  • For medium engagement, being more involved in conversations and follow-ups for a little while rather than just post-and-done (maybe 4-7 hours of involvement?), $100.
  • For heavy activity, continuing involvement in conversations over a longer period of time, putting more work and thought into posts or ideas, maybe researching things or discussing with people offline and bringing those insights to the conversation here (maybe 30-50 hours of involvement?), $500.

Payments outside the US can be done via PayPal or Xoom – the flat fees for money orders / wire transfers tend to be $10-$50 or even more.

Thus far, I’ve been doing a “pay everyone who gave feedback this year” sweep each December, but if you want payment immediately that’s AOK, just let me know!

I’m also happy to offer non-monetary compensation – a look over a prototype of yours, a Zoom meeting, a public
thank-you-and-signal-boost, signing something, etc. Let me know and we can work something out.