Spirit Island – Interest in Playtesting

Thanks so much for your interest in testing for Spirit Island!
Spirit Island playtesting signups are currently limited, both to keep the volume of testing feedback manageable and to correct for demographic skew in the original testing group.1
If you’re also interested in playtesting other games of mine (which is a medium-term proposition, since Spirit Island is currently consuming most of my time), you can sign up for that via the newsletter link at in the sidebar at right.

Requirements for playtesting

[Last updated 2022-03-02]
Open signup for Spirit Island playtesting is currently available for folks who are BOTH:
  • BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and/or a person of color)
  • Female, non-binary, or otherwise not a man.
(Recent signups by BIPoC folks have skewed strongly male. I’m hoping to be able to drop the gender restriction before too terribly long, but we’ll see what signups are like.)
This restriction applies only to the primary point-of-contact for testing, not to the entire playgroup. If you’re a white guy with an Indigenous woman in your gaming group, you can ask her if she wants to playtest; if she does, then she can get in touch with me. Supporting her by, e.g., pledging to do the work of printing out + physically assembling playtest materials is fine, but being the point-of-contact is not – it would defeat a large part of the purpose.2 And obviously, don’t pressure anyone into testing who isn’t actually interested!
The primary point-of-contact also needs to:
  • Be broadly familiar with the rules of the Jagged Earth expansion (tokens, Events, Isolate, etc), or be able to learn those rules on their own time;
  • Have access to a modern web browser, to provide feedback via a playtesting website;
  • If playing physically:
    • Have access to both the base game and Jagged Earth (or be able to proxy JE’s components, like tokens and element markers);
    • Have access to a printer (to print playtest materials).
  • If playing virtually:
    • Own a copy of Tabletop Simulator.

Signing Up

Send me an email at ereuss+playtesting, at that email service run by Google,3 copy-pasting all bullet-points under the “Requirements for Playtesting” heading, and affirming that you meet each of them. If I already know who you are – via a convention, Discord, BGG, etc – please mention that, too.
Depending what else is going on in my life, it may take me some time to respond; I apologize if the wait is excessive. Worst-case, I do a sweep for folks who’ve gotten in touch near the start of each month. (So if it’s been longer than a month, please feel free to email again.)

Level of Commitment

Playtesting is a volunteer effort (that I appreciate immensely!) – you get to choose your own level of involvement, and can drop in/out as the rest of your life permits.
If you’re inactive for a very long time, your account may end up getting deleted during a maintenance sweep. You can always get back in touch with me if that happens.


1 = The original pool of Spirit Island playtesters grew organically & without much deliberate direction, and as a result ended up somewhat overrepresenting men and notably overrepresenting folks of white/European heritage.
2 = Part of this purpose is that the point-of-contact’s voice is apt to be the most consistently represented in feedback,  part is because this sort of participation is a path via which some folks end up getting more involved in the industry – “playtest groups that are almost entirely white guys” is one of the factors contributing to “an industry that’s almost entirely white guys”.
3 = If your email client refuses to put a + in an email address, just send to
, and make it clear what you’re emailing about in the Subject. (And re-email me if I haven’t responded in a month or so.)